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If you're up for a different sports game, then Ashes Cricket Fitgirl Repack is just what you need. The PC version of the famous cricket series features female players instead of male ones - and it's free to play!
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If you’re up for a different sports game, then Ashes Cricket Fitgirl Repack is just what you need. The PC version of the famous cricket series features female players instead of male ones – and it’s free to play!

A new twist on the classic game of cricket is introduced with this PC-based video game. Players are able to choose from among eleven female players, each representing a different country team, for which they can play in six different formats including Test Cricket and One Day Internationals.


In this game, players can choose their own team and either bat or bowl. There are also options to catch the ball, hit a sixer (a shot that clears over 50 yards), etc. The playing style is completely up to them – they just have to win at all costs!

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This game is absolutely available for free with no download charges or in-app purchases. Players earn points by playing the game that can be used to unlock different special features, including new cricket kits and more options. The graphics are also very realistic which makes this PC game look like a reality when played.

Ashes Cricket Fitgirl Repack Gameplay

Play the game of Cricket Captain 2017 and choose your favorite female cricket team. You can play against an opponent or you could negotiate with them before starting a match.

A cricket video game is a great escape from the hectic routine of daily life because it provides players with endless challenges. The player’s skills and creativity are put to test when they play this unique sport, as there so many diverse mini games within one match that can make or break their team’s winning streak.

The graphics are stunning in this game, making it look quite real. The ground looks like the grass on a lawn outside your house; players and spectators appear life-like to make you feel as if they’re watching an actual match being played out. This is great because even though these games can be downloaded from unofficial sources online for free, they also have no restrictions imposed by digital rights management so there’s little chance of getting something that isn’t allowed or will stop working after some time passes

The 3D graphics display of this game has so much beauty that when one plays with it player seems absolutely life-like whenever he / she does play the game . One might not find any such exciting feature which helps us to get totally engrossed.

Downloading this game is a safe and secure practice because it protects your devices. No privacy or security concerns can harm you when using the download link for this game, so go ahead!

This game is free to download, and there are no in-app purchases. The only thing you can buy with real money are the cash prizes that you earn by playing it! Girls have come up with a host of user friendly features for this app which makes cricket games more interesting than ever before. This one’s got all my votes as well as everyone else who has installed it on their phones!

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EA Sports Cricket System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Ram: 2GB
Hard disk space: 3.5 GB


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