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The most popular game in the world is Angry Birds. It’s a mobile app, but it started off as PC software developed by Rovio Entertainment and now has over 1500 million copies sold!
The name may be famous for its bird characters that battle pigs on their quest to steal eggs from nests high atop houses or buildings – you just tap where ever there are gaps between obstacles until all three stars (a representation of success) come into view then release when ready; if not done correctly those little birds will take flight without giving up hope which means more swipes equals slower gameplay time so get good quickly because these pig-battlers.


I remember my first time playing this game. I had just gotten the computer version and was excited to play on it, when someone told me how you killed those green pigs with birds! It sounds simple at heart – throw ’em over there so they die from being hit by one of your little missiles or arrows right? But somehow every level seemed more challenging than before because now it felt like we were fighting for our lives: trying not get struck down ourselves while protecting these fragile creatures that couldn’t defend themselves otherwise…even if most times all ya need is one good shot.

In this endless runner game, you can unlock all of the birds to help fly faster and kill pigs. There are several levels in which it becomes more challenging with each passing level. The only thing needed for downloading is an internet connection so no money has been installed on your computer!

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Angry Birds is a game that can be downloaded from the official website. It’s free to play, but there are in-app purchases too if somebody wants their favorite stuff really bad and doesn’t want using up coins for it every day like I do!

The gameplay itself isn’t boring at all: even though you’re matching colors most of time while playing this fun puzzle match 3 style adventure with birds as characters who always have something silly on their minds – they will make sure nothing happens without fighting back first (and sometimes one slip up means certain doom).

Angry Birds Star Wars II Gameplay

Angry Birds is about killing green pigs who have stolen the eggs from birds. The player character in this game has a slingshot with which he/she can launch various objects at these pesky pests, including dodgeballs and golf balls! If you are successful in shooting down one of them – either by hitting their weak spot or simply knocking it out cold- then congratulations: Your turn starts over again until someone else finally succeeds where we failed…or something goes wrong with your device (eg., runs low on power).

This is a game where you can compete against other players, and the AI. There are tournaments that take place when people don’t want to play on their own levels or challenge themselves with new challenges like in Tower of Fortune mode! You also get access to some birds such as hatchlings & big ranges if feathers for your avian pet–the more creativity put into how they look will give them different types of abilities which make them unique from one another so choose carefully because everyone deserves an awesome looking dragon 🙂

Birds in this game are able to unlock different hats that give them new feathers and power. These feathers allow the birds more capacity for pig killing intensity, so you can level up your flock by giving each bird its own unique look with special abilities!

The amazing thing about Flock Crush is how customizable everything feels at first glance without even unlocking anything yet; from what colors of feathered headgear they wear all the way down until every last pixel on screen has been customized into something truly one-of kind.

The black bird is a bomb which could be exploded once thrown at the pigs. It’s so big and powerful, while other birds also have different features that are good enough for victory in this game! That’s why it has been very common among kids as well as adults alike-that storyline is really interesting; no doubt about its being new kind of entertainment for many people. And now you can play them on your mobile phone anywhere or anytime with any screen size thanks to this app version too.

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Bomber Crew Game System Requirement for PC

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 500 MB


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